H. Balakrishna

B.Com., LLB., PGDPM., MBA.,
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. H. Balakrishna, after serving more than 33 years of meritorious service in the field of HR, IR, Legal & Administrative services has started his own HR & IR Academy together with Management Consultancy Services with effect from 1st February 2020 to cater to the needs of fresh graduates and post graduates of any combination/branch who are eager and willing to purse their career in HR, IR, Legal & Administration. 

Mr. H. Balakrishna was formerly heading Human Resources Department at Wipro, a Hydraulics Manufacturing Company based out of Bengaluru. Before joining Wipro, he was the Deputy General Manager-HR for the second term at KDDL at Bangalore. 

He started his career with Management Consultancy Services in Bengaluru. Mr. H. Balakrishna has handled many roles of HR, IR, Legal & Administrative functions when he served for Ralectronics Ltd, ICL Sugars Ltd, KDDL Ltd, Saint-Gobain and Wipro.

Mr. H. Balakrishna brings an extensive HR, IR, Legal & Administrative experience in manufacturing, project, and professional service industry. He carries strong conceptual knowledge & has done substantial original work in the areas of human resources, industrial relations, labour laws, negotiation with the union & collective bargaining on various issues, long term wage settlements, grievance handling & redressal, disciplinary actions, layoff, retrenchment, strike, lockout & closure, employee engagement, talent management, succession planning, drafted many HR & IR policies with procedures, statutory compliance/HR/IR audit, reward & recognition and leadership development etc.

In addition the above live and practical experience in the field of HR, IR, Legal & Administrative, Mr. H. Balakrishna has conducted several training sessions, programs / workshops on HR, IR, Legal, POSH, COBC, statutory compliance/audit. He was also instrumental in drafting HR, IR & Legal, standing orders, agreements, contracts, long term wage settlements, policies & procedures according to the needs of the industries, he served.

Balakrishna is a Bcom., graduate with LLB., PGDPM & IR and has done a Master’s Program in Business Administration in Human Resources from prestigious institutions.